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After-sales service: 1. Customer repairs by telephone 2. Record machine breakdowns and make appointment for the fastest on-site service 3. Arranging after-sales service engineers to identify fault-related accessories 4. Most quickly arrive at the customer's factory to diagnose and repair the machine 5. Sign " "After-sales service", confirm the quality of service 6. Data archiving, related to the return visit.

Follow-up service: The purchase of products from customers within the service life range ensures the highest production efficiency of the products purchased by customers. After the machine is sold, we will organize an after-sales service engineer to take care of the machine after a period of time. Before the machine is over the warranty period, we will call the customers to inspect the machine according to the customer's needs.

Maintenance Service: A strong technical service team provides maintenance services for our customers. Strict procurement process to ensure the quality of all spare parts, timely and effective maintenance personnel to provide qualified accessories.